Globalnorm and gds form an exclusive cooperation

Support of compliant product placement in new markets

Support of compliant product placement in new markets and collaboration between technical documentation and standards management

When companies want to place their products on domestic or foreign markets, they have to comply with a great number of standards and guidelines. Conducting the necessary research personally, however, is often time-consuming and complicated. To simplify these processes, gds GmbH, an all-in-one service provider in the area of technical documentation, and Global Norm Group, a leading institutions in standards management and international market access requirements, have formed an exclusive cooperation. Their collaboration also includes joint public appearances at events and lecture series at trade shows and conventions, as well as mutual sales support in their respective fields of expertise.

"Together we offer our customers a one-stop-shop of relevant services in all those areas where technical documentation and standards management intersect", says gds Managing Director Ulrich Pelster. By bundling their know-how, the companies are responding to the growing number of customer enquiries in this complex topic area.

"Optimal and safe product placement in markets such as the USA or China, still represents a major challenge", explains Globalnorm Managing Director Michael Loerzer. Specific standards apply to different products and industry sectors in the respective target markets. These are relevant to the product as well as its documentation.

That is why these two companies now offer a comprehensive service package for successful market entry. It includes all the necessary components - from comprehensive research on relevant standards to the statutorily required risk assessment, up to a translation of the operating instructions. "In terms of compliance with legal aspects, especially standards management and product compliance are taking on an ever greater significance over the lifecycle of the product", according to Michael Loerzer.

Standards News

Die wichtigsten Neuigkeiten oder Änderungen zu Normen der Europäischen Kommission auf einen Blick.

Gebündelte Expertise rund um Normenmanagement

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