How's my standards management?

Over the years we've assisted many customers on their way to managing standards and regulations efficiently.  The real life challenges faced by businesses are a valuable treasure trove of experience that we can draw on when it comes to answering your specific set of questions.

Here's a selection of customer feedback to give you an impression of the quality of our work.

Genuine expertise based on actual experience

Real-life challenges, successful solutions.  Our wealth of experience creates your efficient Standards Management.

What our clients say about our work

"Knowledge is a pivotal resource for the future.  The GLOBALnorm Standards Management software provides company-wide access via our intranet to all current Standards, EU Directives, regulations and factory standards. Our primary objective was to make the information easily accessible to staff and researching it expedient and transparent most of all, so that all departments confronted with the issue of Standards can access this pool of knowledge at any time without difficulty.

At the same time, this Standards Management software means we've taken a big step forward in terms of information preparation and the business process optimization associated with that.“


Volker Schaber, Head of Regulations and Standards at SICK AG (Waldkirch, Germany) on the advantages of the GLOBALnorm Standards Management database

"For us as a global company, Standards are fundamental to our success.  We're actively involved in standardization and we value excellence in Standards Management. Several years ago, we were faced with the challenge of introducing a new, modern Standards Management system.  In our choice of supplier, we focused on software technology as well as on expertise in the areas of standardization and legislation. [...] The deciding factor for us was that GLOBALNORM demonstrated professional project management skills right throughout the bidding phase, the implementation stage and the operational stage, which has been several years to date.  Additionally, they give us as their customer the opportunity to be actively involved in further software development. The consultants at GLOBALNORM have in-depth knowledge of CE marking and product compliance issues and are active on some of the same committees we are. 

To us at Festo, all of this was significant since we market our products worldwide and accordingly place great emphasis on product compliance and the relevant legal requirements and standards of the target market."


Statement by Festo on working with GLOBALNORM


Comprehensive expertise in Standards Management
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New service in the standards management system: GLOBALnorm Statistics

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