Expert Advice and Research of Standards

The interpretation of standards requires specialist knowledge, experience and plenty of time – which is usually in short supply in daily business.  Often even important questions fall by the wayside, such as: 

  • Which standards currently extend to the respective product?
  • Are these standards the same in the UK and the US, across Europe or in Brazil, Russia, India or China (BRIC)?
  • In what instances does a CE marking requirement exist?
  • A successor standard and its predecessor – which amendments are relevant to your product?

Standards are a science...

... where only genuine expertise creates knowledge.  For greater certainty in the identification and application of regulations relevant to your products and target markets.

Many questions – one answer: Expert knowledge By Globalnorm

The specialists at GLOBALNORM STANDARDS are pleased to support and assist you in your search for robust and reliable answers to all the above and more.  We carry out a detailed research on the respective product or project, drawing on our pool of expert knowledge as well as our professional network of consulting partners.

If your assignment involves regulatory or market access issues, we'll also include the GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE team of experts.  Comparative analyses regarding specific standards, advising on the CE Mark or monitoring amendments of standards are part and parcel of our comprehensive range of services.

If you would like advice on standards and regulations on a regular basis, we can draw up a consultancy agreement for you.  Contact us for more details.

Comprehensive expertise in Standards Management
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