One-stop service for all aspects of standards management

Compliance with standards has fundamental economic significance and helps companies gain essential competitive advantages.  Mass production, free trade and global purchasing are eased by these harmonized regulations.  The correct application of standards facilitates quality assurance and rationalization, conserves resources and strengthens your company's competitive position.

As the Responsible Person, you need immediate access to concise and relevant information on definitive standards.  We make sure this happens – every day.  Customized to your company's requirements, we'll show you how to get the most out of your Standards Management.

Efficient management of standards for easy access and administration

Key challenges in Standards Management

  •     Ensure the Standards portfolio is up to date
  •     Perform regular updates
  •     Locate a central procurement source for full-text documents
  •     Attain efficient handling of all licenses
  •     Conduct own research using a Standards database
  •     Arrange and maintain a reliable IT infrastructure solution

Customized solutions by Standards specialists

The specialists at GLOBALNORM STANDARDS can create a solution for any business – no matter what size or industry. We offer a range of services to suit your needs, including regular monitoring of standards or the installation of a Standards Management system developed by us that puts your organization in control of managing all relevant standards.

The solution portfolio created by our experienced team ensures that the efficient management of standards is possible in any organization.  You'll notice a reduction in costs almost immediately, both in production and research.

Trust in the know-how of our experts and gain more time to focus on core business activities!

Managing standards the smart way

More efficient research, interpretation, licensing and monitoring of regulations creates certainty and more time for core business activities.


The right way to increase revenue.

Rely on our expertise to research, interpret and manage international standards and regulations.

Comprehensive expertise in Standards Management
Standards News
New Service in our standards management system: GLOBALnorm statistics

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