"Knowledge is a critical resource for the future."
The SICK AG corporation has recognized this and found an efficient way together with GLOBALNORM to manage valueable expert knowledge.

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Would you like it if 
an ECG device fails in
hospital because of a
streetlight? EN 55015
'Limits and Measurement 
of RFI from Electrical Lighting'
in conjunction with the 
EMC Act prevents this.
Did you know that?

Biodiesel is the fuel of the future.

Are you familiar with the strict requirements and testing procedures specified in EN 14214+A1:2009-11, Vehicle Fuels - Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) for diesel engines?

Lawnmowers are useful tools for garden maintenance.

Do you know what the European Standard for Lawnmowers NF EN 836+A4:2011-11 (Garden Equipment - Motorized Lawnmower - Safety) says?

You would like to provide sand-fill for a children's playground.

Are you familiar with the specifications in FD S54-206:1998-09 on Sandbox Hygiene?

Your one-stop standards management shop

The compliance with standards is of high economic importance and supports the companies in gaining a competitive advantage. Mass production, free trade, global purchase is possible because of standardization. Economization, saving of costs, quality assurance because of the application of standards strengthens the competitiveness of companies.

You, as the person responsible, need instant access to precise and specific information about the requisite standards.

But is combined access to standards and their administration even possible?

The key challenges of standards management are to …

    • ensure that relevant standards are up to date at all times
    • issue regular updates
    • locate a central purchasing source for all full-text documents
    • accomplish an efficient handling of the different licences
    • facilitate research initiatives in a database or offer this as a service
    • guarantee a reliable IT infrastructure solution


      The experts at GLOBALNORM STANDARDS can produce a customized standards management solution for just about every business of any size and in any industry. Depending on your needs, we offer standards monitoring as a service or as a standards management software, developed by us to put you in full control of your standards management.

      Our all-in-one solutions turn standards management from an obstacle course into a walk in the park. And your budget will breathe easy too – from production costs to research expenses, you'll notice the savings.

      Rely on the expertise of our specialists and enjoy more time to grow your business!